Rethinking the Reformation

News that Pope Francis will travel to Sweden in October for an event marking the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation underlines the fact that the Catholic Counter-Reformation is over. Whether Protestants are prepared to say the same about the Reformation is for them to decide. A Catholic can only hope.

Don’t ‘declutter’ Catholicism

My friend attended a class on life after a divorce. She is Catholic. She loves the faith and simply wants to heal and be whole for Christ and his church. She lives in fidelity to the faith she has received.

The work of our hands

From donations to partnerships with other churches and agencies, Catholics quietly make a difference in mudslide recovery

Practicing personal ecumenism

With each year of experience in church unity work, I have become more and more convinced that, no matter how important theological work is for reconstituting unity, the real crux is to preserve and deepen the experience of unity on the local level.

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