Nuestros difuntos están a salvo en las manos amorosas de Dios

Estos días de noviembre, al mirar por la ventana y andar por las calles mirando las hojas caer teniendo por fondo un cielo húmedo y gris, la Iglesia nos recuerda que los cristianos estamos llenos de esperanza. ¿Por qué, cuando parece ser una temporada sombría, estamos llenos de esperanza? Porque nunca estamos solos.

Our deceased loved ones are safely in God's loving hands

In these November days, as we look out our windows and walk the streets watching leaves fall against the backdrop of a wet, gray sky, the Church reminds us that we Christians are full of hope. Why, during what might seem a season of gloom, are we full of hope? Because we are never alone.

Satellites, the internet and the communion of saints

Recently, while working at my computer in Santa Barbara, I encountered a confounding problem and decided to call Brandon Vogt, who is not only the excellent content director at Word on Fire, but also a trained engineer and tech whiz. After trying in vain to talk me through the problem, Brandon said, “Look, let me just take over your screen.” And with that, he pressed some buttons in Atlanta, where he was attending a conference, and then commenced to move my cursor around the screen, click on all the right settings, and resolve the difficulty.

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