Our need for a little more mercy

By Joe Towalski

Mercy isn't a popular word in our culture today.

"People get what they deserve." "Payback is sweet." "I'll never forgive them for what they've done."

Jesus is looking for you. Yes, you.

An open letter to those in need of God’s loving mercy (that is, all of us)

Dear friend,
For reasons known perhaps only to you, you have decided you are unworthy of God’s mercy. You have been on my mind lately, and in recent days I have felt strongly that God was nudging me to write a few words of hope to you. Do not be afraid! You are the very one Jesus is looking for so that he may tell you, “Your sins are forgiven.”

Why goodness depends on God

By Father Robert Barron

One of the commonest observations made by opponents of religion is that we don’t need God in order to have a coherent and integral morality. Atheists and agnostics are extremely sensitive to the charge that the rejection of God automatically will lead to moral chaos. Consequently, they argue that a robust sense of ethics can be grounded in the consensus of the human community over time or in the intuitions and sensibilities of decent people, etc.

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