Latest Edition - April 2019

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Cover Story

Entering into the mystery

The liturgies of the Easter Triduum invite us to take our place in the story of Christ's dying and rising

From the Archbishop

Celebrating Easter - set free by his love

Easter is the time of seeking and finding Jesus

From the Bishop

Living canals

The new disciples

Saint of the Month

St. Julie Billiart

As a child she developed a great love for Jesus in the Eucharist

The Faithful Servant

The greatness of simplicity

Spiritual growth requires us to become simpler, like our loving Creator

Your Family Matters

8 things you can do now to prepare for a happy marriage

Practical steps to take even before you meet The One

A Catholic Home

A Sunday meal to build Christian community

Sunday fried chicken

Ask a Bishop

Why does the priest break the host?

At Mass, why does the priest break the consecrated host, and why is it done so subtly?


Walking, witnessing for immigrant families

Catholics around the archdiocese are invited to join pilgrimage to detention center

Seeds of the Word

My God, My God, why have you abandoned me?

When Jesus felt he was alone like never before

Catholic Voices

The Lord descends into hell

From an ancient homily on Holy Saturday


Del Arzobispo

Celebrando la Pascua — liberados por su amor

La Pascua es el tiempo para buscar y encontrar a Jesús, de ser liberados por su amor. 

Del Obispo

Canales vivientes

Los nuevos discípulos

Semillas de la Palabra

Dios mío, Dios mío, ¿por qué me has abandonado?

Cuando Jesús se sintió más solo que nunca

Santo del Mes

Sta. Julia Billiart

La quinta de siete hermanos, de niña cultivó un gran amor por Jesús en la Eucaristía.

Pregúntale a un obispo

¿Por qué parte la santa Hostia el sacerdote?

¿Por qué parte la Misa la santa Hostia consagrada en la Misa y lo hace de forma tan sutil?