Latest Edition - May 2019

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Cover Story

A life given to peace and unity

Interfaith pioneer Father William Treacy celebrates his 100th birthday and 75 years of priesthood

From the Archbishop

God uses us in ways far beyond our understanding

God can bring fruit from a humdrum daily routine

From the Bishop

Searching in darkness

Endless Passover

Saint of the Month

St. Philip Neri

He founded the Congregation of the Oratory, dedicated to preaching and teaching

The Faithful Servant

Real love vs. pornography

Choosing real love over a counterfeit version of eros

Your Family Matters

Obianuju Ekeocha and the 'feminine genius'

How one woman is standing up for the culture of life

A Catholic Home

Queen of the May

Honoring Mary as the Queen of Heaven and Earth

Ask a Bishop

What is the right way to give the sign of peace at Mass?

Through the exchange of peace, we encourage one another to know and trust God's presence

Green schools

Changing the world

Our Lady of Lourdes students learn that small eco-friendly habits can make a big difference

Multicultural ministry

Gathering Mary's children

Mike Calderon's devotion to Our Lady of Guadalupe calls him to serve the Hispanic community

Seeds of the Word

Our faith in the middle of the night

The dark night favors the most intimate encounters with the Lord

Catholic Voices

Losing myself, finding God

What I discovered at World Youth Day in Panama


Del Arzobispo

Dios nos usa en formas que rebasan nuestro entendimiento

Saber que cada uno de nuestros días está en manos de Dios, que cada uno forma parte de su plan, nos da fortaleza y esperanza

Del Obispo

Caminando a tientas

Pascua interminable

Semillas de la Palabra

Nuestra fe al caer la noche

La noche oscura es propicia para los encuentros más íntimos con el Señor

Santo del Mes

Sn. Felipe Neri

Fundó la Congregación del Oratorio, conocida como los oratorianos, dedicada a la oración y la docencia

Pregúntale a un obispo

¿Cuál es la forma correcta de dar el saludo de paz en la Misa?

Comencemos con el significado de paz, que es una palabra que empleamos con frecuencia, pero no siempre con el mismo sentido