Catholic Voices - Ash Wednesday: Facing death with hope

Ash Wednesday Mass at Holy Innocents Parish in Duvall is held at 7 o’clock in the evening. It is always dark, always cold, usually rainy or snowy — and always a weeknight. Yet, after Christmas and Easter, that Mass is the best-attended event at our little parish. Standing-room only.

Nuestros difuntos están a salvo en las manos amorosas de Dios

Estos días de noviembre, al mirar por la ventana y andar por las calles mirando las hojas caer teniendo por fondo un cielo húmedo y gris, la Iglesia nos recuerda que los cristianos estamos llenos de esperanza. ¿Por qué, cuando parece ser una temporada sombría, estamos llenos de esperanza? Porque nunca estamos solos.

Widows’ witness

This November, as we remember our departed in a particular way, it is a good time to remember also that the church offers comfort for the men and women left behind when a beloved spouse dies. Widows and widowers have a life full of dignity, purpose and mission. As Vatican II declared, “Widowhood, accepted bravely as a continuation of the marriage vocation, should be esteemed by all.”

Our deceased loved ones are safely in God's loving hands

In these November days, as we look out our windows and walk the streets watching leaves fall against the backdrop of a wet, gray sky, the Church reminds us that we Christians are full of hope. Why, during what might seem a season of gloom, are we full of hope? Because we are never alone.

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