Your Family Matters - A pervasive toxin is attacking our kids

Parents, as your teens head back to school, you should know that this year they are at a greater risk than ever for encountering a toxic substance proven to traumatize the brain, impair concentration, decrease cognitive functioning, induce depression and anxiety, and reduce pleasure in everyday life. Rising in use each year, this substance is attacking our kids’ ability to learn, thrive and be happy. And you are the most powerful force in their lives to protect them from it.

The Faithful Servant - The best possible life coach at the best possible price

Some years ago, the Liturgy of the Hours saved me from myself. I had recently taken on a new job and had to meet with the leader of an organization whose help we needed but with whom my organization had had a contentious relationship. Going in, I thought: Maybe I’ll be able to reboot the relationship and get us off to a fresh start.

Your Family Matters - Grandparents are a treasure

“Tell me about your grandmother,” the director of vocations for an East Coast diocese asks the young man sitting on the other side of his desk for his initial interview at the chancery. He leans back in his chair to enjoy the response, knowing already what it will be.