Packing faith for college

This time of year, many parents are saying goodbye as their children head off to college for the first time. Like our young adults, we are excited about their new adventure. But we also may worry a little — will they eat right, go to all their classes, make good decisions?

The Faithful Servant - A child’s departure for college, a parent’s moment of truth

Six or seven years ago, I remember watching my oldest daughter Elizabeth’s high school basketball team finish a spring league practice. One of the dads was standing by the door with me waiting for things to wrap up so we could take our girls home. “I don’t know what I am going to do when this is all over,” he said. “What do you mean?” I asked. He told me, “I kinda live for this. When we’re not at work or sleeping, we’re usually taking her to practice or watching her play. But in a few years, she’ll be off to college. Then it’s all over.”

The Faithful Servant - Higher education: Will it get you where you want to go?

In January through early spring, high school seniors and parents team up to make big decisions about higher education. With Bloomberg Business estimating that, in 30 years, the cost of a university education has increased 1,120 percent and the University of Washington estimating tuition and living expenses for resident students at $27,034 annually, it’s clear the stakes are high. As usual, our faith offers some practical insights into getting these decisions right.

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