Meatless variety

Meals for Fridays in Lent don’t have to be dreary and repetitive By Michelle Sessions DiFranco It seems there are many Catholics who groan during Lenten Fridays. Is it really that hard to go a whole day without meat? I find that it isn’t the absence of meat that people…

Our kids left the church. What do we do?

By Dr. Cathleen McGreal It is not uncommon to find parents worrying about a child who has strayed from the church. Sons and daughters failing to recognize the importance of God in their lives can be a major source of anxiety for parents. When parents desire the greatest good for…

Twisted Wisdom: What I learned from a pretzel

Tasty ‘little reward’ has religious history, significance By Michelle Sessions DiFranco I will never forget the afternoon God spoke to me through Google. It was one of those chaotic days with three deadlines, a house turned upside down and a 5-year-old relentlessly chattering on about the dinosaurs she learned of…

Confirmation: Who makes the decision?

By Dr. Cathleen McGreal Q: My son has decided he doesn’t want to be confirmed. Is there something I can do to convince him? Should I force him to go through with it?

Shoes for St. Nick

This children's craft reminds us all of the real-life saint behind Santa Claus By Patricia Majher It's easy amid the commercialization of the Christmas season to forget that Santa Claus has his origins in a third-century bishop of our faith named St. Nicholas.
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