Our utmost in dealing with our faith

The complexity of adulthood inevitably puts to death the naiveté of childhood. And this is true too of our faith. Not that faith is a naiveté. It isn’t. But our faith needs to be constantly reintegrated into our persons and matched up anew against our life’s experience; otherwise we will find it at odds with our life. Genuine faith can stand up to every kind of experience, no matter its complexity.

The art of faith

Seattle fine artist Michael Edwards left the Catholic Church for many years. Now she shares how her faith has become linked to her art and her first full-scale devotional work, "The Madonna of Humility." Edwards was the cover story for the December 2014 issue of Northwest Catholic.

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The art of faith

In Seattle’s Mount Baker neighborhood, tucked next to her childhood home, is a one-car garage where Michael Shelby Edwards’ work and faith intertwine.

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