Youth miss opportunity to help Skagit County farmworkers, but outreach continues

BURLINGTONDuring a typical summer, hundreds of Catholic youth from parishes around the archdiocese travel to St. Charles Parish to help migrant farmworkers in Skagit County.

COVID-19 means the students can’t participate in the Youth Migrant Project this summer, but outreach to the farmworkers continues, both in person and from afar.

Priest’s love of math, baseball helps him develop new stat measures

WASHINGTON – WAR, what is it good for?

For Edwin Starr, the answer was “absolutely nothin’” — although “somethin’” might be a better answer, since he had a No. 1 hit with the tune in 1970.

But for Dominican Father Humbert Kilanowski, he’s got a different answer, because he’s asking a different question.