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Ruby Florence DiJulio Lamantea

Ruby Florence DiJulio Lamantea, O.C.D.S.

Ruby Lamantea, a member of St. Edward Parish, died Feb. 9. She was 102.

She was born Jan. 8, 1916, in Black Diamond, the youngest of six children born to Rocco Antonio DiJulio and Filomena Rossi DiJulio, both Italian immigrants.

She was a founding member of the Secular Carmelite Community at St. Edward’s in 1984 and was a longtime daily Massgoer.

She loved music, gardening, sewing, crafts, cooking, canning and extending hospitality to family, friends and neighbors.

She was preceded in death by her husband, Vincent, in 1997; and siblings, Nicola, Assunta, Nick, Denny and Anthony.

She is survived by her daughter, Elizabeth Lamantea; and many nieces and nephews.



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