From the Editor - June 2020

In this issue of Northwest Catholic, Archbishop Paul D. Etienne has given us two great gifts: a beautiful pastoral letter on the Eucharist, and the proclamation of a special Year of the Eucharist beginning June 14.

Yes, the timing is a bit awkward, the archbishop says, “as the coronavirus will more than likely continue to interrupt our ability to gather regularly to celebrate the Eucharist.”

But look at it this way.

Thanks to COVID-19, we’ve all been enduring a painful and protracted “Eucharistic fast.”

Why do we fast? To prepare for a feast.

So, on the other side of this pandemic, with our appetites sharpened by fasting and our hearts and minds expanded by “this intensified time of prayer and study,” we may receive the Eucharist with greater joy and devotion than ever before.

Then, with St. Thomas Aquinas, we can exclaim, “O precious and wonderful banquet, that brings us salvation and contains all sweetness! … Christ himself, the true God, is set before us as our food. What could be more wonderful than this?”   

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Northwest Catholic - June 2020

Kevin Birnbaum

Kevin Birnbaum is the editor/associate publisher of Northwest Catholic and a member of Seattle’s Blessed Sacrament Parish. Contact him at

Kevin Birnbaum es el editor de la revista Noroeste Católico/Northwest Catholic y miembro de la Parroquia del Sagrado Sacramento en Seattle. Pueden contactarle en: