Seeds of the Word - The baby whose name is ‘God is with us’

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Baby Jesus reminds us that we were born to be a blessing to others

The pinnacle of our Advent preparation is the night of Christmas Eve. Hours slowly fade away while our eyes contemplate with ecstasy the beauty of this night, herald of the fulfillment of our most precious yearning: “‘Behold, the virgin shall be with child and bear a son, and they shall name him Emmanuel,’ which means ‘God is with us.’” (Matthew 1:23)

Gathering with our family, we celebrate every Christmas the birth of Baby Jesus. We rejoice and acknowledge him as our only Savior.

God left behind his divinity and was born in the tender form of a baby. While we strive to be more than what we are, God puts aside what he is and gives himself to us as a little baby. This baby is a fundamental key to unlock our interior life.

God becomes a baby to be near to us, to allow us to hold him and to make us feel his tenderness. He becomes a baby to smile, filling us with charm and joy. He becomes a baby to cry with us when nights are long and distressing. He becomes a baby to arrive in the world naked, divested from his divinity, in order to show us that all those things we use to try to “dress” our lives are in reality trifling. God becomes a baby so we can embrace him, kiss him and fill him with our love just like we shed our love upon every other baby.

This baby is born among us. He is Emmanuel, God who is with us, or even better, God who is within us. For he is born in our hearts, to give us peace and to make us able to shed our love upon all our brothers and sisters.

When a father embraces his newborn baby, his instant reaction is to give thanks to our Father for this new child who is the biggest blessing to him. We shall not forget that each one of us was also born one day as a baby, becoming a blessing to our parents. And for that reason, we were born with the mission of being a blessing to others.

The birth of Baby Jesus on Christmas vehemently reminds us of our first assignment in our life: to be a blessing to everyone else.

Furthermore, we know that we have to be like children to enter the kingdom of God. God who is with us gives himself to us as a child to remind us that we must be sweet, loving, smiling, humble and sincere. This is how we can be a blessing to others, just as Baby Jesus is a blessing to us — just as a baby is a blessing to its parents. With our presence alone, everyone around us shall feel blessed.

We rejoice with the birth of this baby, for this baby is Baby Jesus. With the shepherds and the magi we travel in haste to his manger, eager to meet him and like Mary, embrace him, kiss him, and whisper to his ear, “Little baby, you are my God, and I hold you in my arms. Make me become myself, like you are, a blessing to all my brothers and sisters.”

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This is the English translation of the “Semillas de la Palabra” column that appeared in the December 2014 issue of NORTHWEST CATHOLIC.

Mauricio I. Pérez, a member of St. Monica Parish on Mercer Island, is a Catholic journalist. His website is