A calculated papal risk?

By Russell Shaw

Two days after Pope Francis' now famous remarks on homosexuals and homosexuality, I heard a homily in which the homilist said Francis was giving us light "to see things in a way we never saw them before."

Why faith is a light

By Father Robert Barron

In “new” atheist and secularist circles today, faith is regularly ridiculed. It is presented as pre-scientific mumbo jumbo, Bronze Age credulity, the surrender of the intellect, unwarranted submission to authority, etc. Time and again, the late Christopher Hitchens, echoing Immanuel Kant, called on people to be intellectually responsible, to think for themselves, to dare to know.

CRS promotes natural family planning

By Carolyn Woo

An ordinary calendar and a bracelet-like chain of brown and white beads hardly seem like cutting-edge technology in fighting poverty.

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Do I look fat in this?

By John Garvey

St. Peter had a vision, recorded in the Acts of the Apostles, that has shaped the way we live as Christians. He saw something like a big sheet lowered from the sky, with every kind of animal on it.

Who is my neighbor?

By Our Sunday Visitor

On the same weekend the Gospel passage of the good Samaritan was proclaimed in Catholic churches all over the nation, a jury deliberated a case in which two neighbors met on a roadside with a decidedly less morally edifying outcome. The timely intersection of Luke's narrative with the July trial of neighborhood watch volunteer George Zimmerman for the killing of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin offers Catholics an opportunity to reflect on our own interactions with others who may run outside of our personal social sphere.

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After 40 years of legalized abortion, what can you do?

By Sister Patricia Marie

Forty years of legalized abortion have desensitized people in our country to the massive horrors of millions of abortions. It has offered a quick “solution” to a human problem that destroys the human person instead of embracing the human in love: mother, father and baby.