Be a ‘crack of light’ in the lives of others

The house in which I live was built in 1902 on Seattle’s “First Hill.” I have a photograph of the house in its early days, which reveals that my residence was one of many in what was then an essentially residential neighborhood.

God invites us to intimate love and friendship

Someone once remarked that I seem to know the words of many hymns by heart. To an extent that’s true, but after the second verse I usually end up humming along if a hymnal isn’t handy.

Saying ‘Yes’ to God

Through the years, I have often been asked if I could have said “No” in 1999 when the papal nuncio called to inform me that Pope St. John Paul II had appointed me bishop of Little Rock. I typically responded that I could have declined for a good personal reason…

The rights and privileges of ‘graduation’

Dear class of 2017, Through the years, I have been to many baccalaureate ceremonies and graduations. I have handed out many diplomas, and as I did so I was reminded of the diplomas I received at various levels of my education. My seminary diploma is in Latin, but it says…

Praying for a simpler, more spontaneous faith

About 30 years ago, one of my brothers-in-law, Chuck, bought a tattered old scrapbook at a thrift store. It was apparently compiled by a young woman in the 1870s. Not having a blank book in which to preserve her treasures, she had glued all sorts of mementos to the pages…