Dios nos usa en formas que rebasan nuestro entendimiento

Cada lunes por la noche, la Liturgia de las Horas (en inglés) concluye con una oración que nunca deja de llamar mi atención: “Señor, concede a nuestros cuerpos un sueño tranquilo y que el trabajo que hemos hecho este día dé fruto en la vida eterna”.

Seek the wisdom of Solomon this Christmas

I did not always like Ecclesiastes. For many years, I found this biblical book of reflections, traditionally attributed to King Solomon, disenchanting. God doesn’t speak directly in the book and it has a dark, almost melancholy tone. I felt as if Solomon was saying, “Can’t win, don’t try.” When I shared my complaints about Ecclesiastes with my pastor at the time, Father Jack Shrum, he told me simply, “You need to read it again.” It took me a while to do it, but I’m glad I did. 

Volunteers build skills while keeping St. Vincent de Paul running

TACOMA – For a year and a half — with the rain pounding, the sun blazing or the wind hard against her face — “Mary” bundled up her two boys and walked them a mile and a half to daycare. Then she caught the bus and rode across Tacoma so she would be on time for work at St. Vincent de Paul.

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