Dios nos usa en formas que rebasan nuestro entendimiento

Cada lunes por la noche, la Liturgia de las Horas (en inglés) concluye con una oración que nunca deja de llamar mi atención: “Señor, concede a nuestros cuerpos un sueño tranquilo y que el trabajo que hemos hecho este día dé fruto en la vida eterna”.

Spinoza, secularism and the challenge of evangelization

During this Christmas holiday, I’ve been reading Anthony Gottlieb’s breezy and enjoyable history of modern philosophy, entitled The Dream of Enlightenment. Throughout his treatment of such figures as Descartes, Hobbes, Locke and Voltaire, Gottlieb reveals his own rather strong bias in favor of the rationalism and anti-supernaturalism advocated by these avatars of modern thought. Toward the end of his chapter on Spinoza, Gottlieb avers that what he calls “the religion of Spinozism” is more or less identical to the secularist worldview espoused by so many in the West today, including himself.

God works discreetly

God, it seems, favors the powerless, the unnoticed, children, babies, outsiders, and refugees with no resources or place to go.

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