Our utmost in dealing with our faith

The complexity of adulthood inevitably puts to death the naiveté of childhood. And this is true too of our faith. Not that faith is a naiveté. It isn’t. But our faith needs to be constantly reintegrated into our persons and matched up anew against our life’s experience; otherwise we will find it at odds with our life. Genuine faith can stand up to every kind of experience, no matter its complexity.

Catholic Voices - The secret of letting go

For years — decades, even — my greatest fear in life was the prospect of facing the death of my mother. Worry about its inevitability and my inability to survive it became a cloak of apprehension that wrapped itself around my days and haunted my dreams at night.

Here's to the faithful or lucky ones 

The lucky ones are people with a vibrant faith. They may not be perfect, but they have been able to overcome many obstacles by the grace of God and find happiness despite their weaknesses. They believe in not being overcome by evil but overcoming evil with good.

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