Angela Kim

Angela Kim

Angela Kim is a chef and a member of Seattle’s Blessed Sacrament Parish.

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'Angel eggs' to celebrate dear friends

This month we honor and celebrate the archangels. Ever present and with us, Sts. Michael, Gabriel and Raphael plant and sow fruits that may be felt in an increase of courage, perseverance and fortitude, among other graces. Our Archdiocese of Seattle is under their patronage, and they love us so!

Catholic Home - Late-spring strawberries proclaim the immeasurable love of Christ

The bright warm sun of June and the glittering emerald green of our region testify to the fruitful joy of life. The solemnities of the Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ and the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus conspire with Mother Nature, impelling and enabling our metaphysical senses. The celebration of the apex of our Catholic faith, the Eucharist, and the love that made all things, occurring in June — the apex of late spring in the Pacific Northwest, ushering in summer — is so very fitting. Thank you, Jesus!