Construyendo juntos el reino de Dios

Al iniciar este tiempo como su arzobispo, estoy muy agradecido por la cálida acogida que he recibido. En verdad estoy disfrutando mis recorridos por la arquidiócesis, conociendo a tantas personas y familiarizándome con nuestras parroquias y comunidades. Por favor sean pacientes conmigo mientras aprendo nuestra historia y tengan la bondad de seguir orando por mí para que siempre pueda estar abierto a las mociones e inspiraciones del Espíritu Santo, mientras trabajamos juntos en discernir, definir y cumplir la misión que nos encomienda Cristo, el Buen Pastor.

Building the Kingdom of God together

As I begin my time with you as your archbishop, I am so grateful for the warm reception I have received. I am truly enjoying my travels around the archdiocese, meeting so many people and getting to know our parishes and communities. Please be patient with me as I learn our history, and please continue to pray for me that I may always be open to the promptings and inspirations of the Holy Spirit as together we seek to discern, define and fulfill the mission that is ours from the Good Shepherd, Jesus Christ.

Why is the African church growing?

Recently on the website maintained by the episcopal conference of Germany there appeared an editorial concerning Pope Francis’ apostolic visit to Africa. As many have pointed out, the piece was breathtaking in its arrogance and cultural condescension. The author’s take on the surprisingly rapid pace of Christianity’s growth on the “dark continent” (his words)? Well, the level of education in Africa is so low that the people accept easy answers to complex questions. His assessment of the explosion in vocations across Africa? Well, the poor things don’t have many other avenues of social advancement, so they naturally gravitate toward the priesthood.

What precisely is the Gospel?

Some years ago, I was involved in a Catholic-evangelical dialogue. One of our Protestant brothers challenged the Catholics in the group to articulate clearly what the Gospel is. I knew what he was getting at: Many evangelicals pride themselves on the fact that they can succinctly sum up the good news in a way that people find compelling and helpful, whereas many Catholics, it seems, get tongue-tied.

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