Musing on the teeth of St. Ambrose

I write these words from Milan, Italy, where I am with my Word on Fire team filming new episodes for our Pivotal Players series. I’ve seen lots of marvelous things on this trip, including the ruins of the ancient baptistery under the Milan Cathedral where, in the spring of 387, St. Augustine was baptized by St. Ambrose. But the most fascinating sight I’ve taken in is the vested and mitered skeleton of that same Ambrose, which rests in the basilica that bears his name, not far from the cathedral.

A Catholic View - Bilbo, Frodo and relics

Some years back, I got to go to New Zealand. Before I left, I was given strict orders by my son Matthew to bring back something from The Lord of the Rings. The films were shot in locations all over New Zealand and there are still a few traces of the sets used in the production. For only a mildly exorbitant cost, enthusiasts such as myself could get a tour of the Alexander sheep farm and check out the remains of Hobbiton, including Bag End (where Bilbo and Frodo lived) and the Party Tree (where Bilbo gave his farewell speech and disappeared before the astonished eyes of all the Hobbit folk).

Evenings of mercy connect faithful to Sts. Faustina, John Paul II

VANCOUVERJocelyn Minier prays to St. Faustina Kowalska every day, so she was thrilled to learn that members of the saint’s order, the Sisters of Our Lady of Mercy, would be speaking at the Proto-Cathedral of St. James the Greater in Vancouver. Better yet, she would be able to venerate the relics of Sts. Faustina and John Paul II at the event, which also included the sacrament of reconciliation and evening prayer.

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