Ordinary goodness and the spiritual journey

The spirituality writer, Tom Stella, tells a story about three monks at prayer in their monastery chapel. The first monk imagines himself being carried up to heaven by the angels. The second monk imagines himself already in heaven, chanting God’s praises with the angels and saints. The third monk cannot focus on any holy thoughts but can only think about the great hamburger he had eaten just before coming to chapel.

The unhappy cost of resentment

It's not only love that makes the world go round. Resentment too is prominent in stirring the drink. In so many ways our world is drowning in resentment. Everywhere you look, it seems, someone is bitter about something and breathing out resentment. 

May your kingdom come, but not yet

A friend of mine likes to joke about his struggles in growing up.

When I was in my 20s, he quips, I felt that by the time I was 40 I would have grown up enough to let go of my bad habits. But, when I turned 40, I gave myself an extra 10 years, promising myself that by age 50, I'd have conquered these habits. Well, now I'm in my 50s and I've promised myself that by age 60, I'll be more mature and more serious about the deeper things in life.

Why does the church say birth control is wrong?

Shouldn’t a couple have the right to determine how many children they have?

By Father Cal Christiansen

Q: I attended a mission recently where the missionary priest said that anyone who practices artificial birth control is committing a mortal sin. I don’t agree with the church on this issue and I think that contraception should be allowable, especially under certain circumstances. It seems to me that most young Catholic couples use birth control; are they all in a state of mortal sin like this priest said? Please help me understand this difficult teaching of our church.

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