Northwest Catholic wins 20 national awards, including Writer of the Year

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Some award-winning 2016 photos and stories for Northwest Catholic. Photos: Stephen Brashear Some award-winning 2016 photos and stories for Northwest Catholic. Photos: Stephen Brashear

Northwest Catholic and received 20 Catholic Press Awards during the 2017 Catholic Media Conference in Quebec City, Quebec. The awards were announced June 23.

Northwest Catholic’s assistant editor, Kevin Birnbaum, was named Writer of the Year among more than 200 member publications of the Catholic Press Association of the United States and Canada, which presented the awards, and multimedia editor Anna Weaver received third place for Multimedia Journalist of the Year.

Northwest Catholic was recognized for work done in 2016 in a wide range of categories, including awards for writing, photography, multimedia content, advertising and graphic design.

Follow the links below to revisit some of our award-winning content.

First Place

Best Advertising Promotion (all publications)
“2016-2017 Directory” by Keri Hake

Best Ad Copywriting (all publications)
“Seek and you will find” by Keri Hake, Kevin Birnbaum and Janis Olson

Writer of the Year: English (all publications)
Kevin Birnbaum (examples: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

Best Coverage of the Year of Mercy (all magazines)
Mother Teresa’s legacy of mercy,” “Angel of Hope” and “Doing small things with great love” by Kevin Birnbaum, Jean Parietti and Stephen Brashear

Second Place

Best Promotional House Ad (all publications)
“Follow Us from Anywhere” by Keri Hake, Ellen Bollard and Janis Olson

Best Online Content Not Published in Print: Photos (all publications)
Observations of an ordination” by Stephen Brashear

Best Regular Column: Family Life (all magazines)
“Your Family Matters” by Sarah Bartel (examples: 1, 2, 3)

Best Single Photo: Year of Mercy (all magazines)
“Enter through the Doors of Mercy” by Janis Olson

Best Feature Writing (diocesan magazines)
Hidden no more” by Anna Weaver

Best Online Presentation of Multimedia Visuals (all magazines)
Catholic beard balm is a real thing” by Kevin Birnbaum, Stephen Brashear and Anna Weaver

Third Place

Best Online Content Not Published in Print: Photos (all publications)
A house to honor Pope Francis” by Stephen Brashear

Multimedia Journalist of the Year (all publications)
Anna Weaver (examples: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

Best In-Depth/Analysis Writing: Best Analysis Writing (all magazines)
Can we all get along?” by Kevin Birnbaum, Ellen Bollard and Maria Laughlin

Best Feature Writing (diocesan magazines)
Hearts for mission” by Jean Parietti

Best Layout of Article or Column (diocesan magazines)
“Homegrown beauty” by Ellen Bollard

Best Reporting of Social Justice Issues: Care for God’s Creation (all magazines)
Caring for creation” by Louis McGill

Honorable Mention

Best Single Ad: Color (all publications)
“2016 Summer Mass Schedule” by Keri Hake and Janis Olson

Best Electronic Newsletter (all publications)
Northwest Catholic Journal by Northwest Catholic staff and Mary Gogulski

Best Personality Profile: Person of Interest (all magazines)
Angel of Hope” by Jean Parietti

Best Use of Art or Graphics (Spanish)
“Escuchar con el corazon” by Ellen Bollard