Ten Commandments of Mountain Biking and Discipleship

Mountain biking is awesome! I've been hitting the trails for 25 years and still love it. Great exercise, good friends, lots of fresh air and definite challenges. Also, it’s great for your prayer life, especially on technical sections. A few years ago I met a group of great mountain bikers and they taught me some great lessons on the trail. Each of those lessons is also an applicable insight into Christian discipleship. So here’s a list of “Ten Commandments of Mountain Biking and Discipleship” so you can benefit from those lessons as well — without having to endure the cuts, bruises and trips to the emergency room!

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How should I use a prayer book?

Q: I recently attended a confirmation where you distributed prayer books to those being confirmed. Can you tell me more about the book? What’s the right way to use prewritten prayers in my daily prayer?

¿Cómo debo usar un libro de oraciones?

P: Hace poco, asistí a una confirmación en que usted distribuyó libros de oraciones entre quienes eran confirmados. ¿Me puede decir más acerca de ese libro? ¿Cuál es la forma correcta de emplear oraciones ya escritas en mis oraciones diarias?

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