How to have great conversations with your kids

It is always good to talk with our children, but certain great conversations truly make a difference, echoing in their minds throughout their lives. We parents (and grandparents) possess a unique ability to initiate and guide these conversations so that our children can discover their primary identity as a son or daughter of God.

Priest and his dad lead retreat on being men of faith today

FEDERAL WAY – Ask anyone about angst in the post-modern world, and you’ll get answers, plenty of them: the Internet, Facebook, family, work, lack of time, technology, globalization and politics, among many others, in no particular order.

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The Faithful Servant - A child’s departure for college, a parent’s moment of truth

Six or seven years ago, I remember watching my oldest daughter Elizabeth’s high school basketball team finish a spring league practice. One of the dads was standing by the door with me waiting for things to wrap up so we could take our girls home. “I don’t know what I am going to do when this is all over,” he said. “What do you mean?” I asked. He told me, “I kinda live for this. When we’re not at work or sleeping, we’re usually taking her to practice or watching her play. But in a few years, she’ll be off to college. Then it’s all over.”

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