Viviendo nuestra fe en medio de una pandemia

El 11 de marzo, el Arzobispo Paul D. Etienne se convirtió en el primer obispo de los Estados Unidos en suspender la celebración pública de la misa en respuesta a la pandemia del COVID-19 — un ejemplo que eventualmente sería seguido por el resto de las diócesis del país.

Living our faith in a pandemic

On March 11, Seattle Archbishop Paul D. Etienne became the first bishop in the United States to suspend the public celebration of the Mass in response to the COVID-19 pandemic — an example that would eventually be followed by the rest of the country’s dioceses.

5 ways to grow in stewardship

Stewardship is inseparable from discipleship, so our efforts to live as stewards must be firmly rooted in Christ. When you wake up each day, dedicate all your thoughts, words and actions to the Lord, and ask Jesus to guide and bless your stewardship. Here are some other ways to make stewardship a way of life.

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