Ask Father/Bishop

In this Jubilee of Mercy, what about God’s justice?

Q: I have a question regarding the relationship between God’s mercy and justice. While I am excited that we are celebrating a Jubilee of Mercy, I have a concern. Aren’t we forgetting about or diminishing the importance of justice in God’s relationship with us?

Why do priests kiss the altar at Mass?

Q: I have a question that I have been meaning to ask for some time. At the beginning and end of Mass I’ve noticed for years that the priest kisses the altar. Why does he do that? Is it a simple act of reverence or is there another reason?

Why do we pray for the souls in purgatory?

Q: I am a recent convert to Catholicism from an evangelical Protestant background, and I am having a difficult time with the Catholic doctrine of purgatory! More specifically, I am struggling with why we pray for those who are in purgatory in the first place. If they will get to…

Should lectors preach on the readings during Mass?

Q: My family and I were on vacation last summer and attended Sunday Mass at another parish. At one point, the lector came up to the ambo and proceeded to “break open God’s word,” giving a lengthy teaching about the weekend’s readings. Isn’t this the role of the priest or…

Should I let my kids receive vaccines produced immorally?

Q: I discovered recently that some of the vaccines that children receive have their origins in biological material from procured abortions. If this is true, and given what the church teaches about abortion, is it morally acceptable to let my children receive these vaccines?

Guiding adult children back to the church

Q: Last December, my son came home from college for Christmas break. When it came time for us to leave for the Christmas midnight Mass, he informed us that he would not be going. He said that going to church is no longer important to him and he sees no…