Ask Father/Bishop

Should I let my kids receive vaccines produced immorally?

Q: I discovered recently that some of the vaccines that children receive have their origins in biological material from procured abortions. If this is true, and given what the church teaches about abortion, is it morally acceptable to let my children receive these vaccines?

Guiding adult children back to the church

Q: Last December, my son came home from college for Christmas break. When it came time for us to leave for the Christmas midnight Mass, he informed us that he would not be going. He said that going to church is no longer important to him and he sees no…

Does God pick the winners?

When it comes to sports or anything else, we should pray for what we want, and trust God to give us what we need

How can I best share my faith with others?

Q: Where I work, there are a number of former and nonpracticing Catholics as well as some who grew up with no connection to organized religion. As an active and faithful Catholic, how can I best share my faith with them and others? How can I be a better witness…