Ask Father/Bishop

What is Mary’s role in our faith?

Instead of praying to the Blessed Virgin, shouldn’t we just go straight to Jesus? By Father Cal Christiansen Q: I am a recent convert to the Catholic Church and was received into full communion at this year’s Easter Vigil. I was raised in a Baptist church and we were always…

How can I help my teenager get more out of Sunday Mass?

Every Mass can be a life-changing encounter with Christ, if we’re ready for it By Father Cal Christiansen Q: My husband and I have three children. We have always tried to make Sunday Mass the center of our lives for our family. I recently had an uncomfortable discussion with my…

Why should I have to confess my sins to a priest?

In confession, we are reconciled not just with God, but also with the whole community By Father Cal Christiansen Q: In Acts 3:19, Peter says, “Repent, therefore, and be converted, that your sins may be wiped away.” If my sins are forgiven directly by God, why does the church teach…

Question Corner

Why don’t we just get rid of the sign of peace? And what are the rules about fasting before Mass? By Father Kenneth Doyle

Should I give money to panhandlers?

By Father Joe Krupp Q: Dear Father Joe: Do you give to the panhandler? I feel guilty walking by someone, but I’m afraid giving money just perpetuates the problem.

How do I go to confession? (part 1)

By Father Joe Krupp Q: Father, it’s been so long for me and I know I need to go to confession. I’m worried about the “how to” of it all … so, how do I go to confession?