Ask Father/Bishop

How can parents find healing after a miscarriage?

Q: After giving birth to three wonderful children, tragedy struck our family. I miscarried our fourth child. The experience was extremely difficult for the whole family, but especially for my husband and me. My question is, what does the Catholic Church teach about what to do following a miscarriage? What…

Why don’t I feel God’s presence when I pray?

Q: I am a convert to Catholicism, and I have a question about prayer. Since becoming a Catholic, I cannot recall experiencing anything during my daily prayer time. I know God exists and prayer is a conversation with him, but shouldn’t I feel God’s presence in some way from time…

How can I explain transubstantiation?

Q: The other day I was trying to explain the eucharistic doctrine of transubstantiation to a coworker who is not Catholic, and I’m afraid she was more confused by the end of our conversation than when we started! How can I explain this doctrine to non-Catholics in a way that…

Why don’t Catholic priests get married?

Q: There’s a question that I’ve always wanted to ask a priest directly but have never done so. Why don’t priests get married? I’ve always assumed that they were simply too busy and would not make ideal husbands and fathers because of the demands of their priestly life. Are there…

How can I learn to forgive myself?

Q: There is a sin that I committed long ago for which I have never fully forgiven myself, even though I’ve confessed it several times to a priest in the sacrament of reconciliation. Even though I know God has forgiven me, how can I learn to forgive myself?

How can I encourage my children to consider a religious vocation?

Q: I am a mother of three young children, two boys and one girl. Both my husband and I would feel incredibly blessed if they all had vocations to the religious life. I pray for this intention, but what else can we do to encourage our children to consider religious…

In this Jubilee of Mercy, what about God’s justice?

Q: I have a question regarding the relationship between God’s mercy and justice. While I am excited that we are celebrating a Jubilee of Mercy, I have a concern. Aren’t we forgetting about or diminishing the importance of justice in God’s relationship with us?

Why do priests kiss the altar at Mass?

Q: I have a question that I have been meaning to ask for some time. At the beginning and end of Mass I’ve noticed for years that the priest kisses the altar. Why does he do that? Is it a simple act of reverence or is there another reason?