March 2019 - St. John Joseph of the Cross

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St. John Joseph of the Cross

c. 1654-1739

Feast: March 5

Self-denial is never an end in itself but is only a help toward greater charity - as the life of St. John Joseph shows. Born in Ischia, Italy, he was an ascetic even as a young man and devoted himself to a life of poverty and fasting. At 16 he joined the Franciscans in Naples. His reputation for holiness prompted his superiors to put him in charge of establishing a new friary before he was even ordained. Obedience moved John Joseph to accept appointments as novice master, guardian and, finally, provincial. His years of mortification enabled him to offer these services to the friars with great charity. He insisted on working in the kitchen and carrying the wood and water needed by the friars. When his term as provincial expired, John Joseph dedicated himself to hearing confessions. He was canonized in 1839.

-Catholic News Agency

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