April 2018 - St. Stanislaus

St. Stanislaus. Photo: Wellcome Library, London St. Stanislaus. Photo: Wellcome Library, London

St. Stanislaus

Bold bishop was killed by his king

Feast: April 11

Born in the Polish village of Szczepanów to noble and pious parents, Stanislaus went to Paris to study theology and canon law. His parents left him a large inheritance, which he gave away to the poor. In 1071, he reluctantly accepted his election as bishop of Kraków at Pope Alexander II’s order. He proved to be a bold preacher of the Gospel, which brought him into conflict with King Boleslaus II, notorious for his violent and depraved lifestyle. After a series of disputes, Stanislaus excommunicated the king, who then ambushed Stanislaus and struck him down with a sword as he celebrated Mass. Stanislaus was acclaimed as a martyr. Boleslaus lost his grip on power and left Poland; in later years he is said to have lived in a monastery, repenting of the murder. Stanislaus was canonized in 1253 and is the patron of Poland.

-Catholic News Agency

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