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St. Martin’s offers dignity, shelter, sense of community

SEATTLE – For more than three decades, St. Martin de Porres Shelter in Seattle has offered homeless men a warm place to sleep and a measure of dignity.


'Bridge of Spies' and the path to virtue

My great mentor Msgr. Robert Sokolowski told a class of eager philosophy students many years ago that we should read Aristotle's “Nichomachean Ethics” every year of our lives. As we grew older, he explained, new dimensions of the book would continually present themselves. I can't say that I've followed Sokolowski's advice perfectly, but I have...

Bishop Robert Barron


Life of Father Augustus Tolton, the son of slaves, reads like a novel

CHICAGO - The life of Father Augustus Tolton already reads like a novel, but now it is illustrated in full color in a new graphic book produced in partnership with Liturgy Training Publications in Chicago and Editions du Signe in France.