Finding new life
After hitting rock bottom himself, Michael Wynne helps other ex-cons overcome their pasts
Hispanic charismatic prayer group marks decade of filling hearts with the Spirit
UW Newman Center plans expansion to better serve parishioners
ACC celebrates 100 years of advocacy, caring for children
Worshipping together
For David Block, becoming Catholic meant he could fully share in his faith with his wife

Local News

Dating differently: ‘The Dating Project’ documentary comes to local theaters April 17

Megan Harrington noticed that something was off. A group of her women friends were single and hadn’t been on dates for a long time.


A vocation of mercy

I grew up Catholic without ever hearing about the Divine Mercy devotion, which the church celebrates annually on the Sunday after Easter. Even after I had learned about it, I didn’t understand it. A few sisters in my community placed great confidence in the Divine Mercy image and chaplet, but it never really appealed to...

Sister Constance Veit


Catholic Home - Stop, gaze and pray

Create a special place at home that invites you to make some time for God